About Expense Manager

Android app on Google Play

An Android app to get a grasp of your expenses and budgets. Makes budget planning so simple anyone can do it. Create a budget plan, add expenses as they occur and analyze your budget performance.

– Create multiple budget plans. Don’t worry about accuracy you can edit your budget later.
– Easy to use expense manager to add, edit or remove expenses.
– Organize expenses by category or by date
– View a summary of your spending
– Analyze how your budget is doing. Have your expenses crossed your budget limit? If not will you cross it before the budget period ends? How much are you spending per day on average? How much you should be spending to avoid a budget overflow.

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Reviewed on Drippler.com

A short review on Drippler.com by Abhimanyu Ghoshal is very encouraging. “Here’s one for those who swear by a budget: VanillaUtils’ Expense Manager lets you track your spending against a monthly limit, a stipulated amount while you’re on vacation or a business trip. You can even use this for budgeted projects such as home remodeling. A simple … Continue reading

Holo design got noticed

Jens Lehmann mentioned Expense Manager as one the 8 android apps in the Finance category with a Holo Design in his blog post 80 apps in Holo-Design. The decision to redesigned the app quickly from the old GUI to Holo is paying off.  

Expense Manger: Graphs and Charts

The app is all about budget analysis and I’m sure is no fun for the user to have an analysis without a pictorial representation. Good news for them is that I am already working on it. An update to the app with meaning full graphs and charts will be uploaded on GooglePlay soon.

Expense Manager v1.0 soon to be released

Hello! VanillaUtils will soon be releasing its first app Expense Manager on Google Play. All coding work for version 1.0 is complete and the signed apk is waiting impatiently in the Google Developers Console to be released. I have just given the final touches to the promotional material and all I need to do now … Continue reading